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Because every group is different, we take the time to shop with various carriers & locate the right plan(s) for your particular company. This involves working closely with each & every client to evaluate & understand your particular dynamics, budget, & goals.


As a ‘one stop shop,’ let us do the leg work for you. Since we work with more than 20 top-rated carriers, we can advise you of the market & help you determine which carriers are most competitive for a company your size and, for your particular industry.


We can also help you explore ways to minimize a potential tax penalty by ensuring that you have a qualified plan that meets the new Government requirements, by helping you evaluate your total full-time & part-time employee counts, and by making sure the plan(s) & employee benefits you select add value & will help reduce employee turnover.


Once a plan is selected, we provide assistance at every step of the process from enrollment to implementation, as well as ongoing servicing of your plan. We will also re-shop for you at every renewal.


We say to let us be your ‘off site’ employee benefits experts. We will answer questions from your employees directly & keep you out of the loop & in compliance with HIPAA laws. Many times, over the years, we have also been able to help employees with claims questions / challenges.


Additionally, if you’re a small Employer with less than 50 employees, we’ll help you determine if the new S.H.O.P plans (Small Employer Health Option Plans) in the Marketplace Exchange are a viable option for you. And, if you qualify for a premium subsidy, you must purchase one of these S.H.O.P. plans.


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We can help you survive healthcare reform!  


Whether you are a small employer looking for options on or off the Marketplace Exchange, or are a

large employer needing help complying with the new law & potential tax penalties, we can help!


Our brokers are certified in healthcare reform and can help you find an affordable plan that meets all the requirements of the Affordable Care Act both on and off the Exchange.