An Affordable Safety Net for You and Your Family

With rising insurance premiums, deductibles and healthcare costs, Supplemental insurance is an affordable way to protect your health and financial future by paying for certain healthcare costs and expenses that typical health insurance doesn’t cover.  

As a boutique agency specializing in individuals & small businesses, our ‘hands-on approach’ ensures that you fully understand your options & help you determine which specific plan(s) best fit your needs & budget. We make it easy for you to compare plans, deductibles, co-pays, pricing and other features in minutes and we are here to answer your questions 24/7.

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Most dental care coverage places an emphasis on regular preventive care by covering small routine costs. A thorough examination by the dentist and a set of x-rays are all it usually takes to diagnose a problem.

Individual and family dental policies are relatively inexpensive but can go a long way in promoting your overall health.  Studies have shown that regular dental exams can not only optimize oral health to prevent cavities and bad breath, they also detect serious medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.  Some studies have even shown that people who have dental insurance suffer less from depression, than those who do not have coverage.

Dental Plans offer a variety of diagnostic, preventative care, & corrective services including cleanings, exams, x-rays, fillings, root canals, orthodontia for children, & emergency care.  Like medical coverage, the plans can range from a PPO or HMO to a Pre-paid, fee-for- service or discount plan.  It’s important to review all of the coverage since the plans can vary by deductible and coinsurance limits.

By placing an emphasis on prevention, and by covering regular teeth cleanings and check-ups, Americans saved nearly $100 billion in dental care costs during the 1980s.

Make sure your dental costs are covered. And, with the new standardized health insurance plans, all carriers will be required to offer pediatric dental services.

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Take care of your eyes with an individual Vision Plan that can be purchased separately or combined with your major medical insurance.   Similar to individual dental policies, vision plans are inexpensive and save money on routine exams, eyeglass frames and lenses, contacts, and even discounts on procedures like LASIK.  Monitoring your eye health with regular exams also helps to prevent serious eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts and also helps to detect early stages of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

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Statistics show that our chances are greater of becoming disabled than dying between the ages of 25 & 45. Even so, a person who is older & not retired can also suffer a great financial loss if they become disabled.

That’s why Individual disability plans, are an added benefit to your health benefit package.

Disability insurance provides a person who becomes disabled with income to cover their living expenses while disabled.

Short-term disability coverage can serve as a bridge between sick leave & long-term disability. It can cover you if you are off work on a temporary basis due to an accident or illness. This type of coverage usually lasts from one month to 2 years.

Long-term disability coverage will normally pick up where the short-term disability left off. And, it’s there to cover longer lasting and/or permanent disabilities due to sickness or illness. These plans can be designed to cover you up to retirement age.

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There’s a good chance that you may need to pay for nursing home, assisted living or, home health care one day. In fact, more than half of the U.S. population will require long-term care at some point in their lives, due to the fact that we are living longer.

If you’re concerned about being financially secure during your retirement years, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to protect against what could be one of  the greatest threats to your financial security– the cost of long-term care.

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